Local Areas Experience Notable Job Growth

The national unemployment rate has remained above 8 percent so far this year, and it could be quite some time before it drops below this threshold. However, on a local basis, there are certain areas of the country where job creation is booming. The prospect of finding employment in one of the following markets could give you the option to utilize a payday loan advance if you ever hit a financial rough patch.

Loudoun County, VA

According to CNNMoney, Loudoun County, Virginia, is currently the area with the fastest job growth in the country. Employment in this area expanded at a rate of 83.6 percent between 2012 and 2022.

Several major companies, such as Verizon and AOL are located in this market. In addition, the Washington, D.C., public transportation system has plans to expand to this location, which could drive even more job grown, traffic and activity in the near future.

Fort Bend County, TX

With a job growth rate of 78.1 percent, companies in Fort Bend County, Texas, have experienced the second-fastest payroll expansion rate in the past decade. Favorable tax structures for corporations has resulted in many companies relocating their headquarters here, driving local development.

Key companies in the energy industry, such as Schlumberger and CVR Energy, have a large presence in the area.

Williamson County, TX

Corporate tax breaks and affordable property taxes has driven job growth in Williamson County, Texas, since 2011. Located just outside of Austin, this area has a job growth rate of 72.8 percent, thanks to companies such as Dell and Thermo Fisher Scientifics.

Douglas County, CO

Douglas County, Colorado, has also been a hotbed for job growth in the past decade, which expanded 58.6 percent during this period. Companies such as Dish Network, Sprint Nextel and Western Union all operate out this location. In addition, there has been a recent influx of companies to the region as they capitalize on prospects of expanding their books of business.

Williamson County, TN

Local legislators in Williamson County, Tennessee, have made this area a magnet for businesses. Specifically, certain companies qualify for concierge permitting. Under this program, a staff member from the local codes department is assigned to a company to help them speed up the zoning and permit process. As a result, job growth experience a gain of 40.3 percent between 2012 and 2022.…